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CTAA is a voluntary non-profit association for cannabis industry companies and professionals. We are a regulatory body for our members and are involved in industry and government liaison, education, networking, business and skills development and general upliftment for members.

Our vision is to support, represent and advance the causes and interests of members of the cannabis industry. CTAA promotes the facilitation of trade for cannabis businesses from Africa, both locally and internationally, to benefit members and their clients.

Type of memberships

  • Full Member (Voting rights)

  • Associate Member (No voting rights)

  • Professional (individuals)

Membership Fees

  • Full Member - R900.00 per month OR R10 000.00 Annual

  • Associate Member - R420.00 per month OR R5 000.00 Annual

  • Full Member - R50.00 per month OR R750 Annual

These fees entitle a member to:

  • A certificate of membership 

  • Access to networking meetings and events

  • Access to the website knowledge base

  • Use of the CTAA logo on their sales and marketing materials   


Our vision is to help create, support, represent and advance the causes and interests of members of the Cannabis industry in Africa. We aim to;


  1. Advocate: To improve the legal and regulatory environment of the cannabis industry, allowing for access to trusted products

  2. Educate: To provide a knowledge base and grow trust in cannabis with the general population, our communities, policy makers, and industry professionals;

  3. Engage: To cultivate a unified, regulated industry with a safe and ethical corporate citizenship; To be a voice and platform for this industry to engage with government, press and its participants.

  4. Promote: To advance the institution and infrastructure for a sustainable and vital cannabis industry;

  5. Protect: consumers, patients, health care practitioners, standards, the industry

  6. Build: To build a sustainable industry where all participants benefit along the value chain


With this vision in mind, we strive to promote and create an environment for the facilitation of trade for cannabis businesses from Africa, both locally and internationally, to the benefit of members and their clients.’ By;

  1. Guiding, Enabling and Facilitating Trade

  2. Fostering education, communication and informational exchanges between regulators,cultivators, manufacturers, healthcare providers, commercial partners and communities

  3. Encouraging development of sound economic policies and cost-effective strategies to make our region competitive

  4. Driving Corporate Social Investment & Purpose with impact, integrity and sustainability

  5. Recognising exemplary people, programs, policies and practices

  6. Providing professional economic development opportunities.


The primary objectives of the CTAA are to:

  • Grow trust in cannabis, changing mindsets and stigmas

  • Drive policy makers to allow for a responsible, regulated adult use cannabis consumption market, allowing members a freedom to operate

  • Promote high prescribed standards of professionalism in the industry.

  • Enhance the credibility of the medical cannabis industry, its products, practitioners and service providers.

  • Ensure all members products adhere to CTAA safety, quality and efficacy guidelines, aligned with relevant market regulations

  • Promote Accountability: Products should carry full traceability, across the value chain, to ensure quality and standards

  • Enhance the credibility of the Cannabis Health Supplement industry

  • Enhance and promote legislation to provide for a significant and diverse Cannabis cultivation and farming sector and processing industry.

  • Create a repository and reference point for knowledge and information.

  • Facilitate, promote and support skills development – allowing for transformation and employment opportunities. 

  • Enable members to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills.

  • Promote networking opportunities between the cannabis industry, its practitioners and service providers.

  • Provide the cannabis industry with a common voice for trade. 

  • Represent the industry to assure member interests.

  • Promote awareness and growth of the cannabis industry.

  • Ensure that members adhere to strict membership criteria.


Tel: +27 834 454 547

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